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Informatics October 30, 2022

Doubling Down on Software October 30, 2022

A new Bain & Company and KLAS Research report suggests that healthcare providers are “doubling down” on software, while revealing key adoption trends that could have a major impact within radiology.

Cardiac Imaging October 26, 2022

CCTA AI Predicts Ischemia and MBF October 26, 2022

A Cedars-Sinai and Amsterdam UMC-led team developed a machine learning system that analyzes quantitative plaque in coronary CTA exams to identify patients with ischemia and impaired myocardial blood flow (MBF), potentially creating an alternative to current methods.

Longevity Imaging October 23, 2022

Prenuvo’s Longevity Imaging Funding October 23, 2022

There are few medical imaging segments with more momentum among the general public than longevity-focused MRI screening, and Silicon Valley startup Prenuvo just raised a $70M Series A round to capitalize on that momentum.

Molecular Imaging October 19, 2022

GE Healthcare Launches All-Digital Omni Legend PET/CT October 19, 2022

GE Healthcare announced a major update to its molecular imaging lineup, launching the all-digital Omni Legend PET/CT, which leverages an array of new technologies that drive big improvements to image quality, workflow efficiency, clinical versatility, and precision medicine.

Artificial Intelligence October 16, 2022 Gets ‘Comprehensive’ with Enterprise CTB October 16, 2022 doubled-down on its comprehensive AI strategy with the launch of its Annalise Enterprise CTB solution, which identifies a whopping 130 different non-contrast brain CT findings.

Artificial Intelligence October 12, 2022

iCAD and Solis CVD Alliance October 12, 2022

iCAD and major breast imaging center company Solis Mammography announced plans to develop and commercialize AI that quantifies breast arterial calcifications in mammograms to identify women with high cardiovascular disease risks.

Imaging IT October 9, 2022

Google Launches Cloud Medical Imaging Suite October 9, 2022

Google announced what might be its biggest, or at least most public, push into medical imaging AI with the launch of its new Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suit.

Artificial Intelligence October 5, 2022

Arterys and Tempus’ Precision Merger October 5, 2022

Arterys was just acquired by precision medicine AI powerhouse Tempus Labs, marking perhaps the biggest acquisition in the history of imaging AI, and highlighting the segment's continued shift beyond traditional radiology use cases.

Artificial Intelligence October 2, 2022

Plaque AI’s First Reimbursement October 2, 2022

The small list of cardiac imaging AI solutions to earn Medicare reimbursements just got bigger, following CMS’ move to add an OPPS code for AI-based coronary plaque assessments.

Artificial Intelligence September 28, 2022

Imaging AI Funding Still Solid in 2022 September 28, 2022

Despite plenty of challenges, imaging AI startups appear to be on pace for another solid funding year, helped by a handful of huge raises and a diverse mix of early-to-mid stage rounds.

Informatics September 25, 2022

Imaging IT’s Infrastructure Problem September 25, 2022

A heated Twitter conversation revealed widespread discontent with outdated imaging IT infrastructure, suggesting that it’s draining radiologist productivity and standing in the way of AI adoption.

Technologists September 21, 2022

Technologists in the Spotlight September 21, 2022

Radiographers and technologists were at the center of this week’s radiology news cycle, as three unrelated pieces highlighted the crucial role radtechs play, the significant challenges they face, and the actions required to help them succeed.

Informatics September 16, 2022

Intelerad Becomes the Image Exchange Leader September 16, 2022

Radiology took a giant step towards actually #ditchingthedisk last week with Intelerad’s acquisition of image exchange rival, Life Image.

Cardiac Imaging September 14, 2022

Echo AI Detects More Aortic Stenosis September 14, 2022

A team of Australian researchers developed an echo AI solution that accurately assesses patients’ aortic stenosis (AS) severity levels, including many patients with severe AS who might go undetected using current methods.

Artificial Intelligence September 11, 2022

Multimodal NSCLC Treatment Prediction September 11, 2022

Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers showed that data from routine diagnostic workups (imaging, pathology, genomics) could be used to predict how patients with non-small cell lung cancer will respond to immunotherapy, potentially allowing more precise and effective treatment decisions.

Artificial Intelligence September 7, 2022

CADx’s Lung Nodule Impact September 7, 2022

A new JACR study highlighted Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CADx) AI’s ability to improve lung nodule malignancy risk classifications, while stating a solid case for the technology’s potential clinical role.

Artificial Intelligence September 5, 2022 Adds PE Stratification September 5, 2022 announced the FDA clearance of its new RV/LV ratio algorithm, adding an important risk stratification feature to its pulmonary embolism AI module, while representing an interesting example of how triage AI solutions might evolve.

Imaging Policy & Legislation August 31, 2022

ACR Grants NPPs’ Contrast Supervision August 31, 2022

The ACR rolled out a significant change to its imaging contrast guidelines, allowing non-radiologists and non-physician practitioners (NPPs) to supervise intravenous CT and MRI contrast administration at accredited imaging centers.

Artificial Intelligence August 28, 2022

Prioritizing Length of Stay August 28, 2022

A new study out of Cedars Sinai provided what might be the strongest evidence yet that imaging AI triage and prioritization tools can shorten inpatient hospitalizations, potentially bolstering AI’s economic and patient care value propositions outside of the radiology department.

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