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Radiology Practices August 24, 2022

Radiology’s Nonphysician Service Expansion August 24, 2022

A new Harvey L. Neiman study showed that the recent expansion of radiology nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) across US radiology practices coincided with similar increases in NPP-billed services.

Artificial Intelligence August 21, 2022

AI Crosses the Chasm August 21, 2022

Despite plenty of challenges, Signify Research forecasts that the global imaging AI market will nearly quadruple by 2026, as AI “crosses the chasm” towards widespread adoption.

Informatics August 17, 2022

Intelerad’s Reporting Play August 17, 2022

Intelerad continued its M&A streak, acquiring radiology reporting company, PenRad Technologies, in a relatively small deal that might have a much bigger impact than some think.

Imaging Centers August 14, 2022

RadNet’s Bellwether Briefing August 14, 2022

RadNet’s investor briefings have come to serve as a medical imaging industry bellwether, and last week’s Q2 call lived up to that reputation, providing key insights into how RadNet is approaching imaging’s biggest trends.

Prostate Cancer Imaging August 10, 2022

A Case for VERDICT MRI August 10, 2022

A new Radiology Journal study showed that VERDICT MRI-based analysis could significantly improve prostate cancer lesion characterization, and might solve PCa screening’s unnecessary biopsy problem.

Prostate Cancer Imaging August 7, 2022

Prostate MR AI’s Experience Boost August 7, 2022

A new European Radiology study showed that Siemens Healthineers’ AI-RAD Companion Prostate MR solution can improve radiologists’ lesion assessment accuracy (especially less-experienced rads), while reducing reading times and lesion grading variability.

Lung Cancer Screening August 3, 2022

RevealDx & contextflow’s Lung CT Alliance August 3, 2022

RevealDx and contextflow announced a new alliance that should advance the companies’ product and distribution strategies, and appears to highlight an interesting trend towards more comprehensive AI solutions.

Prostate Cancer Imaging July 31, 2022

HM-MRI Beats mpMRI July 31, 2022

University of Chicago researchers provided solid evidence that hybrid multidimensional MRI (HM-MRI) might be superior to multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) for diagnosing clinically significant prostate cancer. That’s a big statement after nearly two decades of prostate MRI exams, but mpMRI’s continued variability challenges still leave room for improvement, and some believe HM-MRI’s quantitative approach could help […]

Artificial Intelligence July 27, 2022

Exo Acquires Medo AI July 27, 2022

Exo took a big step towards making its handheld ultrasounds easier to use and adopt, acquiring AI startup Medo AI.

Artificial Intelligence July 24, 2022

Echo AI COVID Predictions July 24, 2022

A new JASE study showed that AI-based echocardiography measurements can be used to predict COVID patient mortality, but manual measurements performed by echo experts can’t.

Artificial Intelligence July 20, 2022’s Pneumothorax Performance July 20, 2022

A new Mass General Brigham study highlighted’s pneumothorax detection solution’s strong diagnostic performance, including across different pneumothorax types and clinical scenarios.

Artificial Intelligence July 17, 2022

The Case for Pancreatic Cancer Radiomics July 17, 2022

Mayo Clinic researchers added to the growing field of evidence suggesting that CT radiomics can be used to detect signs of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) well before they are visible to radiologists.

Informatics July 13, 2022

Content-Based AI Efficiency July 13, 2022

A new study out of Austria provided solid evidence that content-based image retrieval systems (CBIRS) enhance radiologists’ reading efficiency, while potentially improving their diagnostic accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence July 10, 2022

Cathay’s AI Underwriting July 10, 2022

Cathay Life Insurance will use Lunit’s INSIGHT CXR AI solution to identify abnormalities in its applicants’ chest X-rays, potentially modernizing a manual underwriting process and uncovering a new non-clinical market for AI vendors.

Medical Imaging July 5, 2022

Imaging in H1 2022 July 5, 2022

The first half of 2022 is now a wrap, and it was another big one within medical imaging. Here are some of the top storylines from the last 6 months and some things to keep in mind as we head into 2022’s second half:

Artificial Intelligence June 29, 2022

Optellum’s NTAPC June 29, 2022

Optellum joined the small group of imaging AI vendors who are on a path towards reimbursements, representing a major milestone for Optellum and another sign of progress for the business of imaging AI.

Artificial Intelligence June 26, 2022

AI Experiences & Expectations June 26, 2022

The European Society of Radiology just published new insights into how imaging AI is being used across Europe and how the region’s radiologists view this emerging technology.

Longevity Imaging June 22, 2022

Longevity Imaging June 22, 2022

The emerging and controversial topic of longevity-focused imaging is back in the news, after AMRA Medical announced that Human Longevity will provide AMRA’s MRI-based Body Composition Profile Scans to its members.  Human Longevity’s 100+ Precision Longevity Care program is built to help members live a “healthier and longer life” through risk detection and prevention. The […]

Artificial Intelligence June 19, 2022

Chest CT AI Efficiency June 19, 2022

A new AJR study out of the Medical University of South Carolina showed that Siemens Healthineers’ AI-RAD Companion Chest CT solution significantly reduced radiologists’ interpretation times.

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