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Artificial Intelligence March 20, 2022

The Case for Operational AI March 20, 2022

A trio of radiologists starred in a recent Aunt Minnie webinar, discussing their paths towards operational AI adoption, and sharing some very relevant takeaways for radiology groups and AI vendors.

Imaging IT March 17, 2022

HIMSS 2022 Reflections March 17, 2022

Two years after HIMSS became COVID’s first trade show casualty, healthcare’s leading IT conference returned to Orlando with a very post-COVID vibe and a surge in imaging activity.

CT Scanners March 13, 2022

NeuroLogica’s Photon Counting CT March 13, 2022

Samsung NeuroLogica announced the FDA clearance of its photon counting-based OmniTom Elite PCD, significantly expanding the system’s diagnostic potential and adding to photon counting technology’s recent momentum.

Radiology Practices March 9, 2022

Radiology’s Nonphysician Expansion March 9, 2022

A new JACR study detailed nonphysician practitioners’ (NPPs) expansion across US radiology practices, mirroring a trend already seen in other parts of healthcare and raising questions about how much further radiology NPPs might expand.

Cardiac Imaging March 6, 2022

A CT-First Approach to CAD March 6, 2022

A major new study showed that coronary CT is as effective as invasive coronary angiography for the management of patients with obstructive coronary artery disease, potentially challenging current guidelines.

Prostate Cancer Imaging March 2, 2022

A Case for Multiparametric Ultrasound March 2, 2022

A new study out of the UK provided the strongest evidence yet that multiparametric ultrasound might deserve a core role in prostate cancer screening, either as a complement or alternative to multiparametric MRI.

Artificial Intelligence February 27, 2022

MGH’s Multimodal Thyroid Ultrasound AI February 27, 2022

An MGH and Harvard Medical team developed a multimodal ultrasound AI platform that applies an interesting mix of AI techniques to accurately detect and stage thyroid cancer.

Artificial Intelligence February 23, 2022

Radiology’s AI ROI Mismatch February 23, 2022

A thought-provoking JACR editorial by Emory’s Hari Trivedi MD suggests that AI’s slow adoption rate has little to do with its quality or clinical benefits, and a lot to do with radiology’s misaligned incentives.

Artificial Intelligence February 21, 2022

Sirona Medical Acquires Nines AI, Talent February 21, 2022

Sirona Medical announced its acquisition of Nines’ AI assets and personnel, representing notable milestones for Sirona’s integrated RadOS platform and the quickly-changing imaging AI landscape.

Artificial Intelligence February 16, 2022

CheXstray Drift Detection February 16, 2022

A Stanford AIMI and Microsoft Healthcare team just took a step towards addressing imaging AI’s looming drift problem, unveiling their CheXstray drift detection system.

Artificial Intelligence February 13, 2022

Intracranial Hemorrhage AI Efficiency February 13, 2022

A new Radiology: AI study highlighted how Aidoc’s Intracranial Hemorrhage AI solution improved emergency department workflows, without hurting patient care.

Population Health February 9, 2022

Cancer Moonshot February 9, 2022

The Biden administration “reignited” the US’ Cancer Moonshot initiative, setting a goal to halve the country’s age-adjusted cancer death rate within the next 25 years, and suggesting imaging changes are coming.

Radiology Practices February 7, 2022

A Practice Trinity February 7, 2022

Three independent radiology practices just merged with the goal of better serving their shared client, Trinity Health, representing an interesting example of how private rad groups can adapt to consolidation.

Imaging Centers February 2, 2022

UnitedHealthcare’s Imaging Designation February 2, 2022

UnitedHealthcare continued its war against imaging costs with its new Designated Diagnostic Provider program.

Artificial Intelligence January 31, 2022

Creating a Cancer Screening Giant January 31, 2022

A few days after shocking the AI and imaging center industries with its acquisitions of Aidence and Quantib, RadNet’s investor briefing revealed a far more ambitious AI-enabled cancer screening strategy than many might have imagined.

Artificial Intelligence January 27, 2022

RadNet’s Big AI Play January 27, 2022

maging center giant RadNet shocked the AI world this week, acquiring Dutch startups Aidence and Quantib to support its AI-enabled cancer screening strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions January 24, 2022

IBM Sells Watson Health January 24, 2022

IBM is selling most of its Watson Health division to private equity firm Francisco Partners, creating a new standalone healthcare entity and giving both companies a much-needed fresh start.

Artificial Intelligence January 20, 2022

Duke’s Interpretable AI Milestone January 20, 2022

A Duke University team unveiled a new mammography AI platform that could be an important step towards developing truly interpretable AI.

Artificial Intelligence January 17, 2022

AI Disparity Detection January 17, 2022

A new JACR study suggests that healthcare systems could use imaging AI-based biomarkers and EHR data to flag patients that might have undiagnosed conditions.

Lung Cancer Screening January 13, 2022

MD Anderson’s Lung Cancer Blood Test January 13, 2022

MD Anderson researchers developed a blood and risk-based test that could improve how we identify lung cancer screening candidates.

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