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More Work Ahead for Chest X-Ray AI?

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Ultrasound September 18, 2023

POCUS Cuts DVT Stays September 18, 2023

Using POCUS in the emergency department (ED) to scan patients with suspected deep vein thrombosis cut their length of stay in the ED in half.

Radiologists September 14, 2023

Radiology’s Enduring Popularity September 14, 2023

Radiology is seeing a resurgence of interest from medical students, with the medical specialty’s popularity at historically high levels.

Lung Cancer Screening September 11, 2023

CT Detects Early Lung Cancer September 11, 2023

A massive CT lung cancer screening program launched in Taiwan has been effective in detecting early lung cancer.

Breast Imaging September 7, 2023

Tipping Point for Breast AI? September 7, 2023

In the PERFORMS study, mammography AI performed as well as radiologists for analyzing screening mammograms.

Oncology Imaging August 31, 2023

Screening Foes Strike Back August 31, 2023

Opponents of population-based cancer screening published a series of articles in JAMA Internal Medicine casting doubt on whether screening has any value.

Artificial Intelligence August 29, 2023

Economic Barriers to AI August 29, 2023

Are the complex economics of the Medicare system creating barriers to wider use of medical AI?

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