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Philips’ RSNA MRIs | PCCT vs. DECT

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MR Scanners November 29, 2021

Philips’ RSNA MRIs November 29, 2021

After two straight solution-centric RSNAs, Philips’ RSNA 2021 booth will be headlined by a pair of new MR systems (plus some MR solutions) and a major focus on operational efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence November 11, 2021

UCSF Automates CAC Scoring November 11, 2021

UCSF is now using AI to automatically screen all of its routine non-contrast chest CTs for elevated coronary artery calcium scores (CAC scores), representing a major milestone for an AI use case that was previously limited to academic studies and future business strategies. UCSF’s Deployment – UCSF becomes the first medical center to deploy the […]

Imaging Policy & Legislation November 8, 2021

The MARCA Divide November 8, 2021

The American College of Radiology might have a neutral stance on the Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act (MARCA), but a new survey confirmed that most ACR members are far from neutral about non-physicians’ role in radiology.

Prostate Cancer Imaging November 4, 2021

The PSMA PET/CT + mpMRI PCa Effect November 4, 2021

New research suggests that 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT and mpMRI might be particularly effective if used together early in the prostate cancer diagnostic process.

Cardiac Imaging November 1, 2021

Chest Pain Imaging Guidance November 1, 2021

If it seemed like coronary imaging folks were more excited than usual last week, it’s because the AHA/ACC’s long-awaited chest pain guidelines just set the stage for a lot more imaging.

Artificial Intelligence October 28, 2021

The False Hope of Explainable AI October 28, 2021

Explainable AI might do more harm than good in the short-term, and AI stakeholders might be better off increasing their focus on validation.

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