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Artificial Intelligence January 10, 2022

MaxQ AI Shuts Down January 10, 2022

MaxQ AI has stopped commercial operations, representing arguably the biggest consolidation event in imaging AI’s young history.

Ultrasound January 6, 2022

Home Ultrasound Goes Mainstream January 6, 2022

Israel’s Clalit health system will provide Pulsenmore personal ultrasound systems to thousands of fertility treatment patients, allowing them to perform self-exams from their own homes.

Medical Imaging January 3, 2022

Imaging in 2022 January 3, 2022

A preview of the top trends that might shape medical imaging in 2022

Medical Imaging December 23, 2021

Imaging In 2021 December 23, 2021

The top medical imaging storylines of 2021

Artificial Intelligence December 20, 2021

Detecting the Radiographically Occult December 20, 2021

A new study suggests that AI can detect aortic stenosis in chest X-rays, which would be a major breakthrough if confirmed, but will be met with plenty of skepticism until then.

Artificial Intelligence December 16, 2021

Trained to Underdiagnose December 16, 2021

Imaging AI models might underdiagnose patient populations who are also underdiagnosed in the real world, creating new challenges for AI development, regulation, and adoption.

Artificial Intelligence December 13, 2021

The State of AI December 13, 2021

A group of radiology leaders starred in Canon Medical’s recent State of AI Roundtable, sharing insights into how imaging AI is being used, where it’s needed most, and how AI might assume a core role in medical imaging.

Cardiac Imaging December 9, 2021

One-Stop Cardiac CT December 9, 2021

A new Radiology Journal study found that combining Triple-rule-out CT with Late Contrast Enhancement CT significantly improves acute chest pain diagnosis.

Medical Imaging December 9, 2021

Canon’s Big Virtual RSNA December 9, 2021

Canon Medical was among the first companies to decide to virtually exhibit at RSNA 2021, but the OEM still had quite a presence, prominently placing Canon signage throughout the convention center and announcing a range of new products and technologies.  Vantage Fortian – Canon expanded its open bore MRI lineup, launching the Vantage Fortian 1.5T […]

Medical Imaging December 9, 2021

Winners Announced for 2021 Imaging Wire Awards December 9, 2021

The Imaging Wire is thrilled to announce the winners of the 2021 Imaging Wire Awards, honoring this year’s most outstanding contributors to radiology.

Medical Imaging December 6, 2021

RSNA 2021 Reflections December 6, 2021

The Imaging Wire’s big takeaways from what might have been both the most special and most subdued RSNA ever.

CT Scanners December 6, 2021

GE’s Productive RSNA December 6, 2021

GE Healthcare had another busy RSNA, highlighted by several major modality launches and an overarching focus on helping imaging teams be more productive.

Artificial Intelligence December 6, 2021

Arterys’ Platform Expansion December 6, 2021

Arterys announced a trio of 3rd party AI alliances that showed how a mature AI platform might work.

Informatics December 2, 2021

Visage Adds Videos December 2, 2021

Visage Imaging now allows radiologists to create and distribute video reports from the Visage 7 platform, representing an interesting milestone for radiology patient engagement and multimedia reporting.

MR Scanners November 29, 2021

Philips’ RSNA MRIs November 29, 2021

After two straight solution-centric RSNAs, Philips’ RSNA 2021 booth will be headlined by a pair of new MR systems (plus some MR solutions) and a major focus on operational efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence November 22, 2021’s Care Coordination Expansion November 22, 2021 advanced its care coordination strategy last week, launching new Pulmonary Embolism and Aortic Disease modules, and unveiling its forthcoming Viz ANX cerebral aneurysm module.

CT Scanners November 18, 2021

Siemens’ Healthineers Hardware Evolution November 18, 2021

Siemens Healthineers’ Shape 22 pre-RSNA event featured a pair of ambitious hardware announcements that stand to expand what can be done with CT exams and where MRIs can be performed.

Artificial Intelligence November 15, 2021

Right Diagnoses, Wrong Reasons November 15, 2021

An AJR study shared new evidence of how X-ray image labels influence deep learning decision making, while revealing one way developers can address this issue.

Artificial Intelligence November 11, 2021

UCSF Automates CAC Scoring November 11, 2021

UCSF is now using AI to automatically screen all of its routine non-contrast chest CTs for elevated coronary artery calcium scores (CAC scores), representing a major milestone for an AI use case that was previously limited to academic studies and future business strategies. UCSF’s Deployment – UCSF becomes the first medical center to deploy the […]

Imaging Policy & Legislation November 8, 2021

The MARCA Divide November 8, 2021

The American College of Radiology might have a neutral stance on the Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act (MARCA), but a new survey confirmed that most ACR members are far from neutral about non-physicians’ role in radiology.

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