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Artificial Intelligence May 22, 2022

Imaging AI’s Unseen Potential May 22, 2022

Amid the dozens of imaging AI papers and presentations that came out over the last few weeks were three new studies highlighting how much “unseen” information AI can extract from medical images, and the massive impact this information could have.

Artificial Intelligence May 18, 2022

AI-Assisted Radiographers May 18, 2022

A new study provided what might be the first insights into whether AI might allow radiographers to independently read lung cancer screening exams. This is the type of study that makes some radiologists uncomfortable, but its results suggest that rads’ role in lung cancer screening remains very secure.

Molecular Imaging May 15, 2022

BAMF & United Imaging’s Precision Medicine Milestone May 15, 2022

BAMF Health took a big step in its precision medicine strategy, installing United Imaging’s uEXPLORER total-body PET/CT scanner as it prepares to open its theranostics treatment center.

Radiologists May 11, 2022

The Radiologist Skill Gap May 11, 2022

A new Stanford study revealed that diagnostic variations are largely due to differences in radiologist skill levels, suggesting that physician skill gaps might represent a major source of healthcare waste, and warning that efforts to standardize care could lead to even worse results.

Breast Imaging May 8, 2022

iSono Health’s Wearable Breast Ultrasound May 8, 2022

iSono Health announced the FDA clearance of its ATUSA automated wearable 3D breast ultrasound system, a first-of-its-kind device that taps into some of the biggest trends in imaging.

Cardiac Imaging May 4, 2022

Chest Pain Implications May 4, 2022

The major cardiac imaging societies weighed-in on the AHA/ACC’s new Chest Pain Guidelines, highlighting the notable shifts coming to cardiac imaging, and the adjustments they could require. The cardiac CT and MRI societies took a victory lap, highlighting CCTA and CMR’s now-greater role in chest pain diagnosis, while forecasting that the new guideline will bring: […]

Cardiac Imaging May 1, 2022

Chest CT’s Untapped Potential May 1, 2022

A new study out of Toronto General Hospital highlighted the largely-untapped potential of non-gated chest CT CAC scoring, and the significant impact it could have with widespread adoption.

Radiology Reporting April 27, 2022

Radiology’s Smart New Deal April 27, 2022

A new Journal of Digital Imaging editorial proposed a complete overhaul of how radiology reports are designed and distributed, in a way that should make sense to radiology outsiders but might make some folks within radiology uncomfortable.

Cardiac Imaging April 24, 2022

Cleerly’s Downstream Effect April 24, 2022

Cleerly, coronary CTA, CTA AI, myocardial perfusion imaging, MPI, invasive angiography

Patient Engagement April 20, 2022

NYU’s Video Reporting Experiment April 20, 2022

A new AJR study out of NYU just provided what might be the first significant insights into how patient-friendly video reports might impact radiologists and patients. Leveraging a new Visage 7 video feature and 3D rendering from Siemens Healthineers, NYU organized a four-month study that encouraged and evaluated patient-centered video reports (w/ simple video + […]

Artificial Intelligence April 17, 2022

Who Owns LVO AI? April 17, 2022

The FDA’s public “reminder” that studies analyzed by AI-based LVO detection tools (CADt) still require radiologist interpretation became one of hottest stories in radiology last week, and although many of us didn’t realize, it made a big statement about how AI-based coordination is changing the way care teams and radiologists work together.

Artificial Intelligence April 13, 2022 Automates Globally April 13, 2022

One of imaging AI’s hottest segments just got even hotter with the completion of’s $15M Series A round and the global launch of its flagship echocardiography AI solution.

Artificial Intelligence April 10, 2022

The Case for Algorithmic Audits April 10, 2022

A new Lancet Digital Health study could have become one of the many “AI rivals radiologists” papers that we see each week, but it instead served as an important lesson that traditional performance tests might not prove that imaging AI models are actually safe for clinical use.

Radiology Practices April 6, 2022

Envisioning A Difficult Future April 6, 2022

S&P Global Ratings’ decision to downgrade Envision Healthcare might have been largely overlooked during another busy healthcare news week, but it could prove to be part of one of the biggest stories in healthcare economics.

Artificial Intelligence April 3, 2022

Imaging AI’s Big 2021 April 3, 2022

Signify Research’s latest imaging AI VC funding report revealed an unexpected surge in 2021, along with major funding shifts that might explain why many of us didn’t see it coming.

Artificial Intelligence March 30, 2022

Autonomous AI Milestone March 30, 2022

Oxipit’s ChestLink solution became the first regulatory-approved imaging AI product intended to perform diagnoses without involving radiologists.

Imaging Incidentals March 27, 2022

Incidental Evolution March 27, 2022

Last week brought a wave of studies that either highlighted how findings in common imaging exams could add value in completely different clinical areas, or showed how incidentals could find a home in established clinical workflows.

Artificial Intelligence March 23, 2022

Complementary PE AI March 23, 2022

A new study out of France highlighted how Aidoc’s pulmonary embolism AI solution can serve as a valuable emergency radiology safety net, catching PE cases that otherwise might have been missed and increasing radiologists’ confidence.

Artificial Intelligence March 20, 2022

The Case for Operational AI March 20, 2022

A trio of radiologists starred in a recent Aunt Minnie webinar, discussing their paths towards operational AI adoption, and sharing some very relevant takeaways for radiology groups and AI vendors.

Imaging IT March 17, 2022

HIMSS 2022 Reflections March 17, 2022

Two years after HIMSS became COVID’s first trade show casualty, healthcare’s leading IT conference returned to Orlando with a very post-COVID vibe and a surge in imaging activity.

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