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Breast Imaging May 11, 2023

A New Day for Breast Screening May 11, 2023

The USPSTF said it would reverse 14 years of guidance in breast screening and set its recommended starting age for routine mammography to 40.

Breast Imaging May 8, 2023

Learning Curve in DBT Screening May 8, 2023

The false-positive recall rate for DBT fell over 5 years in a breast screening study from Sweden.

Contrast May 4, 2023

The Value of CT Contrast May 4, 2023

The use of contrast in emergency CT improved the diagnostic accuracy of radiologists by 30% in a new study.

Contrast May 1, 2023

GE HealthCare’s MRI Contrast Play May 1, 2023

GE HealthCare has expanded its MRI contrast portfolio with the European launch of Pixxoscan.

Breast Imaging April 27, 2023

ABUS Boosts Breast Screening April 27, 2023

ABUS led to sharp increases in cancer detection rate when it was performed as a supplement to screening digital mammography.

Breast Imaging April 24, 2023

Health Inequity & Breast Cancer April 24, 2023

Two new studies published last week reinforce what we know about structural inequity in healthcare, particularly as it relates to breast cancer.

Imaging IT April 20, 2023

Headlines from HIMSS 2023 April 20, 2023

CHICAGO – It does indeed feel like 2019 again at HIMSS 2023, which opened this week in the Windy City. Major stories at the show include generative AI for medical use, consumer cloud players planting their flags in healthcare, and the ongoing need for healthcare IT to help with rising medical procedure volume and growing […]

Radiologists April 17, 2023

Salary Data Reveal Medicine’s Golden Cage April 17, 2023

Are you a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty kind of person? Either way, there’s lots to unpack in the latest data on physician salaries, this time from Medscape.  Medscape’s survey of over 10k US physicians across over 29 medical specialties found that overall physician salaries have grown 18% over the last five years, to $352k, while […]

Cardiac Imaging April 13, 2023

Cardiac Imaging in 2040 April 13, 2023

What will cardiac imaging look like in 2040?

Ultrasound April 10, 2023

Ultrasound Spots Breech Pregnancies April 10, 2023

Performing routine third-trimester ultrasound scans on pregnant women could help identify breech pregnancies.

Artificial Intelligence April 6, 2023

Radiology Puts ChatGPT to Work April 6, 2023

Radiology is taking the lead in putting AI algorithms like ChatGPT and GPT-4 to work to address the specialty’s many efficiency and workflow challenges.

Imaging IT April 3, 2023

Software Closes Radiology Reporting Loop April 3, 2023

Structured reporting software was found to triple the number of radiology reports judged to be complete in a new study. 

Cardiac Imaging March 30, 2023

Is CCTA Set for Cardiac Screening? March 30, 2023

A new study out of Denmark suggests that coronary CTA could be headed for population-based screening for heart disease.

Radiologists March 25, 2023

Radiology Bucks Doctor Salary Decline March 25, 2023

Radiology bucked the trend of declining physician salaries in 2022, according to a new report from Doximity.

Radiologists March 23, 2023

Moral Distress in Radiology March 23, 2023

The rising volume of medical imaging studies is causing moral distress among radiologists and is a major systemic cause of the specialty’s burnout epidemic.

Radiology Education March 20, 2023

Medical Students Return to Radiology March 20, 2023

Medical students are flocking to apply to U.S. radiology residency programs, a trend that highlights the strong job market for radiologists.

Breast Imaging March 16, 2023

Breast Screening’s New Gold Standard? March 16, 2023

A study of 1 million women reinforces the idea that DBT is now the gold standard for breast screening, with a higher cancer detection rate and fewer recalls compared to 2D digital mammography.

Breast Imaging March 14, 2023

FDA Finally Moves on Breast Density March 14, 2023

After a long wait, the FDA issued a final rule that adds details on breast density reporting to the Mammography Quality Standards Act.

Medical Imaging March 9, 2023

ECR 2023 Bounces Back As AI Tops Clinical Program March 9, 2023

In this story we’re highlighting an overview of last week’s ECR 2023 in Vienna. We’re also covering an MRI accident in Northern California, a new study on autonomous AI, and blowback after a New York Times article on AI for breast screening.

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