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CT Scanners July 17, 2023

How COVID Crashed CT Scanners in China July 17, 2023

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, hospitals were performing so many lung scans of infected patients that CT scanners were crashing.

Brain Imaging July 13, 2023

MRI Findings Linked to Psychosis July 13, 2023

Brain abnormalities were common on MRI in patients presenting with psychosis for the first time, suggesting scans should be a routine part of their evaluation.

Imaging Service July 10, 2023

Undermining the Argument for NPPs July 10, 2023

Non-physician practitioners are reading more medical imaging exams, but new findings raise questions about whether this emerging trend is good for healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence July 6, 2023

Can You Believe the AI Hype? July 6, 2023

A new study found that marketing materials for one-fifth of FDA-cleared AI applications don’t agree with the language in their regulatory submissions.

Artificial Intelligence June 29, 2023

H1 Radiology Recap June 29, 2023

In our wrap-up of the top radiology stories for the first half of 2023, new developments in the use of ChatGPT for imaging clearly generated the most headlines.

Theranostics June 26, 2023

Theranostics Grabs SNMMI Spotlight June 26, 2023

The emerging field of theranostics is one of the most exciting in medicine, and nowhere is this more evident than at this week’s SNMMI 2023.

CT Scanners June 22, 2023

Is There Hope for CT Lung Screening? June 22, 2023

A new study has found CT lung cancer screening rates of 21.2%, much higher than previous estimates.

Imaging IT June 20, 2023

Better Together at SIIM June 20, 2023

In-person meetings like SIIM still have relevance despite the proliferation of Zoom calls and remote work.

Artificial Intelligence June 15, 2023

AI Reinvigorates SIIM 2023 June 15, 2023

The rise of AI has given SIIM a shot in the arm from a content perspective, and the return of in-person meetings plays to the conference’s strength as a hub for networking.

Breast Imaging June 12, 2023

Taking Ultrasound Beyond Breast Density June 12, 2023

Dense breast tissue shouldn’t be the only factor used to decide whether women get supplemental imaging during mammography screening.

Artificial Intelligence June 8, 2023

Mayo’s AI Model June 8, 2023

Mayo Clinic is rolling the AI platform concept out across its entire healthcare enterprise to help clinicians enjoy the benefits of AI without the implementation headache.

Artificial Intelligence June 5, 2023

When AI Goes Wrong June 5, 2023

Radiologists who received incorrect AI results were more likely to make incorrect decisions on patient follow-up.

Brain Imaging June 1, 2023

When TIA Imaging Is Incomplete June 1, 2023

Patients with transient ischemic attack (TIA) who didn’t get full imaging workups were 30% more likely to have a new stroke diagnosis within 90 days.

Cardiac Imaging May 25, 2023

CT Flexes Muscles in Heart May 25, 2023

CT-derived CAC scores were more effective in predicting coronary heart disease than genetic scores when added to traditional risk scoring.

Artificial Intelligence May 22, 2023

AI Investment Shift May 22, 2023

VC investment in the AI medical imaging sector has shifted in the last couple years, with money moving to later-stage companies.

Imaging Service May 18, 2023

The Perils of Worklist Cherry-Picking May 18, 2023

A new study exposes the downstream effects on healthcare of cherry-picking – when radiologists pick easier imaging exams from a worklist.

Imaging Policy & Legislation May 15, 2023

Medical Malpractice Crisis May 15, 2023

Is a new crisis looming in medical malpractice insurance? An AMA analysis finds that medical liability premiums are skyrocketing again.

Breast Imaging May 11, 2023

A New Day for Breast Screening May 11, 2023

The USPSTF said it would reverse 14 years of guidance in breast screening and set its recommended starting age for routine mammography to 40.

Breast Imaging May 8, 2023

Learning Curve in DBT Screening May 8, 2023

The false-positive recall rate for DBT fell over 5 years in a breast screening study from Sweden.

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