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Radiologists March 25, 2023

Radiology Bucks Doctor Salary Decline March 25, 2023

Radiology bucked the trend of declining physician salaries in 2022, according to a new report from Doximity.

Radiologists March 23, 2023

Moral Distress in Radiology March 23, 2023

The rising volume of medical imaging studies is causing moral distress among radiologists and is a major systemic cause of the specialty’s burnout epidemic.

Radiology Education March 20, 2023

Medical Students Return to Radiology March 20, 2023

Medical students are flocking to apply to U.S. radiology residency programs, a trend that highlights the strong job market for radiologists.

Breast Imaging March 16, 2023

Breast Screening’s New Gold Standard? March 16, 2023

A study of 1 million women reinforces the idea that DBT is now the gold standard for breast screening, with a higher cancer detection rate and fewer recalls compared to 2D digital mammography.

Breast Imaging March 14, 2023

FDA Finally Moves on Breast Density March 14, 2023

After a long wait, the FDA issued a final rule that adds details on breast density reporting to the Mammography Quality Standards Act.

Medical Imaging March 9, 2023

ECR 2023 Bounces Back As AI Tops Clinical Program March 9, 2023

In this story we’re highlighting an overview of last week’s ECR 2023 in Vienna. We’re also covering an MRI accident in Northern California, a new study on autonomous AI, and blowback after a New York Times article on AI for breast screening.

Medical Imaging March 6, 2023

The 35 Best Radiology Newsletters, Blogs, and Websites to Follow March 6, 2023

In this story we’re highlighting the best radiology newsletters, websites, blogs, and accounts to follow if you want to know what’s happening in medical imaging and where it’s headed.

Artificial Intelligence March 2, 2023

RadNet’s Path to AI Profit March 2, 2023

There’s plenty of bold forecasts about imaging AI’s long term potential, but short term projections of when AI startups will reach profitability are rarely disclosed and almost never bold. That’s why RadNet’s quarterly investor calls are proving to be such a valuable bellwether for the business of AI, and its latest briefing was no exception.

Cardiac Imaging February 27, 2023

Creating A Novice Echo Screening Pathway February 27, 2023

We hear a lot about AI’s potential to expand ultrasound to far more users and clinical settings, and a new study suggests that ultrasound’s AI-driven expansion might go far beyond what many had in mind.

Radiology Practices February 20, 2023

A Problem with Private Equity February 20, 2023

The funniest physician on the internet, Dr. Glaucomflecken, sparked quite a debate over private equity’s healthcare impact last week, while bringing a renewed new spotlight on how private equity is affecting radiology.

Advanced Imaging February 16, 2023

Lumitron Raises $20M, Plans to Transform X-Ray February 16, 2023

Lumitron Technologies secured another $20M in funding to expand its manufacturing and commercialization capabilities as it works its way towards launching what it calls the biggest breakthrough in the history of X-ray technology.

Ultrasound February 13, 2023

GE HealthCare Adds Ultrasound Guidance with Caption Health Acquisition February 13, 2023

GE HealthCare took a major step towards expanding its ultrasound systems to new users and settings, acquiring AI guidance startup Caption Health.

Artificial Intelligence February 9, 2023

Radiology NLP’s Efficiency and Accuracy Potential February 9, 2023

The last week brought two high profile studies underscoring radiology NLP’s potential to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Longevity Imaging February 6, 2023

Whole-Body Scanning’s Star Power February 6, 2023

The proactive whole-body scanning segment gained even more celebrity-driven momentum last week with the launch of Neko Health, a Sweden-based startup cofounded by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

Artificial Intelligence February 2, 2023

Understanding AI’s Physician Influence February 2, 2023

We spend a lot of time exploring the technical aspects of imaging AI performance, but little is known about how physicians are actually influenced by the AI findings they receive. A new Nature study addresses that knowledge gap, perhaps more directly than any other research to date.

Cardiac Imaging January 30, 2023

Echo AI Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring January 30, 2023

A Cedars-Sinai-led team developed an echocardiography AI model that was able to accurately assess coronary artery calcium buildup, potentially revealing a safer, more economical, and more accessible approach to CAC scoring.

Radiology Reporting January 26, 2023

Incidental Findings and Low-Value Care January 26, 2023

A whopping 15% to 30% of diagnostic imaging exams reveal at least one incidental finding. Each of those findings might seem like blessings to radiology outsiders, but a popular new AJR editorial argues that imaging incidentals are far more likely to drive low-value care.

Artificial Intelligence January 23, 2023

Acute Chest Pain CXR AI January 23, 2023

Patients who arrive at the ED with acute chest pain (ACP) syndrome end up receiving a series of often-negative tests, but a new MGB-led study suggests that CXR AI might make ACP triage more accurate and efficient.

Artificial Intelligence January 19, 2023

Bayer Establishes AI Platform Leadership with Blackford Acquisition January 19, 2023

Six months after becoming radiology’s newest AI platform vendor, Bayer accelerated its path towards AI leadership with its acquisition of Blackford Analysis.

Artificial Intelligence January 15, 2023

CXR AI’s Screening Generalizability Gap January 15, 2023

A new European Radiology study detailed a commercial CXR AI tool’s challenges when used for screening patients with low disease prevalence, bringing more attention to the mismatch between how some AI tools are trained and how they’re applied in the real world.

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