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“In a hostile and unforgiving environment, this digital X-ray system is a great help for our expedition.”

Fabio Catalano, a medical consultant on the Antarctic Concordia scientific research facility, touting the performance of the Caresteam DRX-Transportable System/Lite tablet-based X-ray system that the station relies on.



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SonoSite’s Software
Fujifilm SonoSite stepped into the informatics arena this week with the launch of its SonoSite Synchronicity point-of-care ultrasound workflow solution. Fujifilm highlighted Synchronicity’s ability to help organizations optimize POCUS workflows (integrates with existing systems and can be implemented across departments), support billing efficiency (ensures exams comply with billing requirements), improve quality assurance processes (standardizes workflow for a hospital’s entire POCUS fleet), and streamline credentialing (helps manage physician ultrasound credentialing process). Of course, Synchronicity also represents a new opportunity for Fujifilm SonoSite to expand its role and its revenue potential within its ultrasound clients, both supplementing and supporting its hardware business – particularly for providers who don’t yet have a PACS system in place or don’t mind adding an additional system.


Siemens and Storz Targeting Urinary Stones, and Customers
Siemens Healthineers and Storz Medical announced plans to sell Siemens’ Cios mobile C-arms combined with Storz’s Modulith SLK Inline shock wave lithotripsy system, providing their respective customers with a solution that can locate and treat urinary and renal stones. The announcement was made in Germany by two very European companies, in a partnership we expect will initially target European customers.


Avante Ultrasound Goes West
Avante Health Solutions acquired California-based Ultra Solutions, representing a big step towards its goal of building a nationwide ultrasound sales and service presence. Ultra Solutions joins Charlotte-based Global Medical Imaging (acquired almost exactly 3 years ago) as the West and East coast divisions of Avante Ultrasound. The acquisition also continues Avante’s push to add new regions and capabilities through acquisitions that most recently brought-in midwest MIR/CT reseller and service provider, Equipment Maintenance Solutions (EMS).


GE’s Training Investment
GE Healthcare expanded its 3-year partnership with SonoSim, making an equity investment in the global ultrasound education and training company and adding “enhanced” SonoSim education services across regions and ultrasound applications. The announcement emphasized how growing ultrasound adoption is creating new education/training challenges, suggesting that the combination of SonoSim’s training services and GE Healthcare’s products address these two trends. There’s no word on how this investment will affect SonoSim’s other partnerships.



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  • This Medmo video details how its healthcare marketplace platform and network of participating radiologists help underinsured patients pay as little as possible for their imaging procedures.



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