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“AI will revolutionize the prevention and treatment of pancreatic cancer.”

America’s Top Young Scientist winner and seriously impressive 13-year-old, Rishab Jain, on his vision for how AI will help treat this nasty disease in the future. Jain developed an AI algorithm that helps locate and track the pancreas in MR radiotherapy.



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Fujifilm Takes CT Line Stateside
Fujifilm’s US portfolio took a big step this week, launching the company’s first CT system to sell stateside after offering CTs in other regions for some time. The Analogic-based Fujifilm FCT Embrace sports an 85cm wide bore and is offered in 64 and 128 slice configurations (the most slices ever seen on an 85cm bore system), supports both oncology and radiology applications, and lists a range of patient comfort features (wide bore, widest tabletop at 49cm, supports up to 660lbs). The FCT Embrace’s 85cm bore also matches the rotational arc of the linear accelerator, allowing oncology patients to be imaged in their optimal treatment position at full clinical image quality (this has never been done with 64 slice or greater systems). Fujifilm’s first US CT system launches with a pretty attractive feature set, but the FCT Embrace is most notable for its role in expanding the company’s US portfolio.


Philips “Interested” in Agfa
Agfa Healthcare is back at the center of the acquisition rumor mill, and although the latest rumor is just as speculative as the last one, this one seems more feasible. Philips CEO Van Houten re-ignited Agfa acquisition murmurs during the company’s recent earnings call when he said that once Agfa-Gevaert completes the spinoff of its health care business Philips “will certainly look at it (Agfa Healthcare) with interest.” Agfa first revealed plans to spin-off its healthcare business over a year ago and is expected to provide more details on its plans next month, suggesting that acquisition talk may heat up (and get more specific) as we head into 2019.


Samsung’s New Ultrasounds
Samsung Medison introduced its new HERA W10 ultrasound and a prototype of its forthcoming “chair-type” HERA I10 ultrasound system in Singapore this week, both of which are intended for sonographic imaging. The new premium HERA platform that both models are based on leads with its image reconstruction architecture and image quality, as well as its new CrystalLive post-processing engine. The platform allows an 11-fold increase in processing power and 10-times greater data transfer speed compared to Samsung’s previous platform. Although still in development, the “chair-type” HERA W10 is ergonomically designed for Ob/Gyn professionals and patients, reportedly allowing for greater comfort and eliminating the need for patients to change positioning. It’s generally hard to predict how long it takes for Samsung’s new ultrasounds to expand from Asia to Western regions (at least correctly), but we should hear more on the HERA W10 in the coming months.


Philips Updates and Expands Oncology Portfolio
Philips introduced its updated radiation oncology portfolio that includes new CT and MRI RT systems and new adaptive treatment planning software. The updated portfolio is built around Philips’ now-improved Pinnacle Evolution treatment planning software and also includes the vendor’s new Big Bore RT oncology CT simulator (replacing the previous Big Bore CT, with improved image quality) and Ingenia Ambition 3.0T MR-RT and Elition X 1.5T MR-RT imaging systems for MRI-based simulations.



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  • Varian Medical provided new details on its radiotherapy treatment suite, revealing that it will combine treatment planning, treatment delivery, and patient monitoring. The forthcoming suite will leverage AI-based workflows and incorporate MRI, PET, and CT modalities through the suite’s console, which Varian claims “could transform what (clinicians) can visualize and adapt.”



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  • This OpenMarkets blog post details the abundance of brand and product options across imaging modalities and how its OpenMarkets Exchange helps medical imaging buyers know their options before they invest.



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