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Aidoc and Subtle Medical’s End-to-End Alliance

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Aidoc and Subtle Medical launched an interesting new partnership that will make Subtle’s image acquisition / enhancement software available on the Aidoc AI platform.

End-to-End Partnership – The addition of SubtlePET and SubtleMR to the Aidoc AI platform will create what Aidoc called an “end-to-end” solution and “the first joint offering of AI for both image acquisition and triage.” Some folks might mistake that to mean that they will create new combined image acquisition+triage solutions, but they won’t be specifically linked (Aidoc doesn’t have MRI or PET tools yet anyway).

Aidoc, a Platform Company – Aidoc seems to be increasingly positioning itself as an AI platform company, which is an understandable strategy given users’ need for comprehensive / consistent AI workflows. Aidoc’s initial partnerships also allow the triage-focused vendor to offer a far more comprehensive value proposition (Subtle for acquisition, icometrix for stroke analysis/assessment).

Subtle Upsides – The alliance introduces Subtle Medical to Aidoc’s sizable list of clients (used at >500 medical centers, a high profile partnership w/ RP), and adds to Subtle’s current alliances with AI marketplace vendors (e.g. Blackford, Nuance, Incepto) and complementary solutions companies (e.g.

The Takeaway – Although AI platform alliance stories don’t usually earn a spot at the top of The Imaging Wire, this alliance is pretty notable given what it suggests about Aidoc’s AI platform strategy and about the growing trend towards complementary AI alliances. It’s also a nice way for Subtle Medical to expand its reach.

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