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  • Digitization and AI are an era-defining reality for radiology, and GE Healthcare is rising to the challenge by creating tools to build a world that works better for healthcare. Check out this report detailing GE’s digitization and AI innovations and its vision for precision healthcare.
  • Hyperfine’s Swoop Portable MR Imaging System is redefining MR accessibility, but do you know how the Swoop is actually being used? Check out this case study detailing the clinical settings and patient scenarios that the Swoop is supporting today.
  • Curious how certain your AI is about its own finding? annalise.ai’s confidence bar displays the likelihood of each finding and the AI model’s level of certainty, helping clinicians perform their interpretations with greater confidence.
  • During 25 years in the imaging informatics trenches you see a lot of patched together solutions to data governance problems. See how these work-arounds helped shape Enlitic product leader Rocky Lien’s vision for what can be accomplished using Curie|ENDEX.
  • Bayer’s cloud-based Calantic Digital Solutions AI platform features a suite of disease-specific AI apps that integrate into radiologist workflows, helping radiology teams scale AI deployment and improve efficiency and quality of care.
  • With ongoing radiologist shortages and higher rates of burnout, there’s a great need for fast, effective, efficient medical imaging technologies – and those factors are driving 2022’s major medical imaging trends detailed in this Arterys report.
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