HyperVIEW Moves | GE’s India-Made MRI | Mayo’s “Epic” Rollout

“There is little doubt that this represents a new frontier for medicine.”

Dr. Bruce Tromberg, Director of the Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic (BLI) at UC Irvine, on the potential impact of Lumitron’s HyperVIEW imaging platform.



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HyperVIEW Moves to Irvine, Towards Commercialization
Lumitron’s potentially groundbreaking HyperVIEW imaging platform reached a key milestone this week, with the opening of its R&D hub and manufacturing center in UC Irvine’s Research Park. The high-resolution laser X-ray system was conceived and developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Berkeley, CA) and the shift to Lumitron’s Irvine base represents another step in the breakthrough system’s commercialization. The HyperVIEW imaging system certainly has disruptive potential, boasting 100x greater image resolution than current CT scanners and a 1000x resolution advantage versus traditional X-rays, with lower radiation than X-ray and a CT-size footprint.


Mayo Completes “Epic” Visage Rollout
Mayo Clinic completed its four-phase Epic EHR rollout, with final implementations in Florida and Arizona. This may not seem like an imaging story, but behind the EHR-centric headlines there is an imaging sub-plot, as Visage Imaging simultaneously went live with its Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform at each phase of Mayo Clinic’s Epic EHR rollout (retiring legacy PACS from GE and Siemens along the way). This is quite notable given that no other national health system has operated a single enterprise imaging platform nationwide (most still have separate PACS for each major location), a single diagnostic viewer for all nationwide radiologists, Epic-driven interpretation workflow, and instantaneous access to all patient “prior” imaging. As one insider put it, Mayo achieved the “Any image | Any where | Any time” PACS goal that is often touted, but before now was never really achieved on a national level.


Canon and RaySearch Integrate
Canon Medical Systems and RaySearch Laboratories launched a collaboration agreement that will integrate Canon Medical’s imaging systems and advanced visualization solutions with RaySearch’s RayStation (treatment planning) and RayCare (oncology information system) software. The collaborative products will first launch in the US, positioned as a way to streamline radiotherapy simulation and planning workflow. It’s unclear if this deal will impact RaySearch’s alliance with Philips, which uses RayStation in its Pinnacle treatment planning system, but it could be that Canon serves as a similar partner for RaySearch.


GE’s India-Made MRI
Wipro GE Healthcare and Indian public sector group, SAMEER (part of India’s Electronics and IT Ministry), agreed to co-develop an India-made/targeted “indigenous” MRI system. GE and SAMEER will collaborate on the R&D and development of a new 1.5T MRI platform that will be used in a range of whole-body, portable, and digital MRI systems, leveraging GE-supplied magnets and GE’s MRI expertise. The partnership comes roughly seven months after the Indian Government set a mandate to develop a “Made in India” MRI by 2019 that led to SAMEER’s government funding and now this alliance.



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  • California imaging center CEO, Sam Sarkis Solakyan, found out the hard way that crime doesn’t pay (at least not in the long run). Solakyan was charged with 12 counts of fraud for operating a kickback scheme, paying local recruiters and local doctors over $8.8 million to refer workman’s comp patients to his nine imaging centers where he generated $284 million in kickback-related imaging procedure billings.



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  • This Carestream video demonstrates pediatric wrist imaging with the OnSight 3D Extremity System, which is particularly suitable for children due to its high resolution, low dose, and ability to image all planes at the same resolution.
  • Time is money for imaging centers and slow days can be costly. This video from Medmo outlines how participating in its marketplace helps imaging centers and radiologists keep their schedules full and their imaging systems running.



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