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  • United Imaging Healthcare started investing in the U.S. with R&D in 2013. They added offices. They hired (the best) people across the country. They launched commercially on the national stage in 2018. But the cherry on top was opening their U.S. factory, showroom, and training center in Houston – in the midst of a pandemic – one year ago. It’s a unique facility for the U.S., and they’ve loved showing it to hundreds of people in person so far, and many more virtually. Here’s to many more years of growth
  • This European Radiology study highlighted Riverain Technologies’ ClearRead Xray – Detect as one of just two imaging AI products to achieve the FDA’s most stringent premarket approval level. See how they measured up against the other 99 AI tools here.
  • How could photon-counting CT impact your patients? In this video, the Medical University of South Carolina, one of the first users of the NAEOTOM Alpha, talks about the potential to visualize small lesions and fine details for high diagnostic confidence in neurology, cardiology, oncology, and pulmonology.
  • Check out this Blackford Analysis white paper detailing how children’s hospital imaging teams can leverage AI to improve modality throughput and imaging device availability.
  • Check out this talk from Eliot Siegel, MD on the “Hype, Myth, Reality and Next Steps” of imaging AI, including a profile on Canon’s AiCE Deep Learning Reconstruction solution at around the 4-minute mark.
  • With radiation dose management now largely considered best practice, this Bayer white paper details the top five benefits of adopting contrast dose management.
  • See how VidiStar users have benefitted from Fujifilm Healthcare’s cardiovascular information system’s flexible SaaS-based model and leveraged its productivity advantages to drive reimbursements.
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